“A whole new mind” in networking?

I just finished reading the book A whole new mind by Daniel Pink. Absolutely recommended if you want an insight where our economy is heading!

Coincidence or not (I guess not, I don’t believe in coincidence ;-)), this book gives some more reasons why networking becomes more and more important.

In his book Pink describes that thanks to our “left brain” we have been able to automate production processes and to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness. However, in the western world, there is much fear because it is thought that automation and outsourcing standardized work to Asian countries, will cut jobs. According to Pink that’s one of the reasons why we have to bring in our underused “right brain”. Not to replace the “left brain”, but to complement it.

He describes what he calls “6 high-concept, high-touch senses”: design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning.

I’d like to focus in this and some future posts on what we, networkers, can learn from Pink. Let’s start with design.


It is not only necessary to have good products or services, or in a private environment to be a kind and interesting person. But also to have your own unique way of doing things, presenting yourself or communicating with others. As human beings we all ARE different and unique, but most of the time we forget to tell the world about it or forget to have others experience it.

Obviously there are several ways of using “design” in networking: your business card, your clothes, the way you present yourself (the so called Elevator Story),…

What’s your opinion? In what way can we use “design” in networking? I’d appreciate your comment or an e-mail !

Have a great networking day !



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