Beware of the networking pitfalls

Networking can be a boost to whatever you do. Your network can be a fantastic lever for your professional and private life.

But beware of the networking pitfalls. They can do you more harm than good. Here are some of them:

Taking, never giving. Your success rate will be severely hampered and it will hit you right in the face, killing off your image. Should you engage carefully in the opposite direction, then you can rest assured people will admire you as a person in your work as well as in your private life.

Starting (too) late to network. Many people (including self-employed people starting up their own business or people who recently were fired) start to network when they are in need of an immediate answer to their questions. When it’s five past 12, so to speak. Networking yields results on a long-term basis. Start today.

Manipulating people. People from your network are glad to help you out because they like you. They are not being forced to do so. You only need to put your question to them in a straightforward way, with a clear voice and no strings attached. In other words, networking is very easy!

Tit for tat. That expresses your fear to be taking advantage of. Let this attitude go and open the door for unexpected lucky breaks. Give without expecting something back (but without neglecting yourself!). You can be sure you will be returned a favor later. Often you will be the unexpected beneficiary of something much more valuable than you had given in the first place!

Have a great networking day !



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