Beware of the networking pitfalls part 2

In the previous posting I warned you of some networking pitfalls. Unfortunately they are not the only ones. In this posting I will add some more in order to help you to avoid them in the future.

Always wanting to be in the spotlight. Some people believe it is in their best interest to be continuously talking and throwing their business cards around. “In this way everyone will know who I am” is his or her motto. One of the “prerequisites” to call on your network is knowing what people do and what they can mean for you. So listen to them. And go a step further by asking what you can do for them. Listening is a key part of networking!

Being insincere. Broken promises litter your path. Or telling imaginary stories to sound interesting. People will see through that at one point.

Treating people without respect. You have probably experienced this yourself. You are talking to someone and he/she is looking over your shoulder to check out the crowd. This shows a lack of respect. Don’t get caught in this trap yourself!

Waiting. Waiting until someone asks for information or waiting to ask a question yourself. Both will not advance your cause. You need to take the initiative. Be a pro-active networker! You need to make your network work and to keep it “alive”. When you come across interesting information, share it with interested parties in your network. When you are wrestling with an issue, ask your network for advice. You will get a solution faster and you give your network the opportunity to do something for you and keep your network alive.

Networking is easy and will support you in your professional life as well as in your private life. If you are able to avoid these pitfalls, your networking efforts will be more successful and you will contribute in a positive way to the members of your network!

Have a great networking day !



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