Listening is the most important aspect in networking. Why?

Because it doesn’t only apply to networking, but to every aspect of your life. Man has two ears and only one mouth. So he can listen twice as much as talk.

In your next conversation, mind these tips:

  • Show a genuine interest in people and in what they have to tell
  • Make eye contact and focus on the other person
  • Give your full attention to the conversation. Don’t let your thoughts or eye contact wander off.
  • Listen for what is NOT told
  • Be curious: always try to learn something from every conversation
  • Be patient
  • Listen with the intention to gather information, to make a connection and to create rapport
  • Look for commonalities
  • Have the other person talk more than yourself

Listen and ask questions. You learn, get respect and are perceived as a valuable member of the network. So reduce your own “story waterfall” and you will notice that the quality of your relationships and the received information will increase dramatically!

Have a great networking day !


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