Stand on the shoulders of giants

Yesterday evening I was listening to a Brian Tracy CD in my car. I heard something I wanted to share with you. Brian said some very wise words that are applicable to networking:

“A dwarf that stands on the shoulders of a giant sees further than the giant.”

Brian was talking about learning from experts. And also learning from books, CD’s, presentations and anything else that cost somebody else 10 or more years to find out and that you can learn in a few hours. It’s about leveraging the knowledge of others.

I want to add to this: also stand on the shoulders of others in your network and let others stand on your shoulders. Leverage each others network to get to the people you’re looking for. And form permanent or temporary teams with experts.

And if you do stand on the shoulders of these giants and make them requests, don’t forget the two other angles of the golden triangle of networking: thank them and offer them your own “shoulders”.

Have a great networking day !



One Response to Stand on the shoulders of giants

  1. David says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing the great quote on Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. I have benefited greatly from Brian Tracy’s trainings.

    Have you seen Brian Tracy’s new iLearningGlobal Internet video personal development training site?

    You can link to the training site at to see the faculty bio’s. To watch intro videos, and to setup your access account for iLearningGlobal, link to

    I wish you the best!


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