50 words

One of the things we try to do when we meet new people is to find common ground.

This is not always easy. Especially if the person you are talking to is not so at ease with talking to strangers.

One of the things you could do is turn things around: offer them some topics where you are interested in and have them choose what to talk about.

This sounds a little artificial and unusual, but it works!

An example of this concept are the 50 words in the profiles of the members of the online networking website Ecademy. You can browse through some profiles to see what I mean. You can start for example with mine and then look at the profiles of the people from my network.

This concept can also be applied to your business card. Just write your 50 words (or 30 in my case) on the back. You will experience that you have more things in common with strangers than you originally thought or at least have something to talk about!

Have a great networking day!



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