Your network as the best aid to reach your goals

“The person who can help me best to reach my goal, sleeps next to me!” was a remark of Joris van Rooy (Sales Manager Northern Europe, Nike) in one of my “Smart Networking” workshops.

His comment may surprise you, but not me. When we think of someone to help us solve a problem or reach a goal, we tend to think of the same people over and over again. The ones we see as very knowledgeable. They helped us in one area and then in a second. And suddenly they became the overall experts.

On the other hand there is the danger of only thinking in terms of specialists. We see them as a specialist in one area, but never took the effort to discover other specialities or interests they might have.

And the most common “mistake”, in both cases, is that we only look at what value they can add personally. We tend to forget that they have a network of interesting, competent and inspiring people too. And the latter is what happened to Joris. He had forgotten that his wife knew people who could help him reach his goal.

How about you? Are you making the same “mistake”?

Have a great networking day!


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