“Let’s Connect!” is available !

I’m very excited! My networking book “Let’s Connect!” is printed and ready for distribution.

It took a while to go through the whole process of writing and publishing, but for me it was worth it. Now we have to wait what the “general public” thinks about it. The reviewers of the book are very enthusiastic about it. Among them are networking gurus Donna Fisher, Ivan Misner, Thomas Power and Melissa Giovagnoli.

What’s the book about?

The subtitle “A practical guide for networking on events and on the web for every professional whether you’re in sales or not” says already a little bit 😉

These are some of the questions that are answered in the book:
• How do I tap into the power of my network to reach my goals faster?
• Which steps can I take to establish and maintain a relationship?
• What is the best question in networking?
• Is it really a small world and if so, what does that mean for me?
• How do I prepare for a networking event?
• How do I start and end a conversation at an event?
• Which tools can I use to network more efficiently?
• What is online networking and how do I deal with it?
• Which follow-up actions can I do?
• How do I introduce two people on an event or via e-mail?
• …

And there is more. My own network 😉 31 organisations offer the buyer a bonus or discount with a total worth of 3.968 euro. Even I was surprised by these generous offerings 😉

Visit the website www.letsconnect.be to read more about the book (answered questions, table of contents, excerpts), to look what other people say about it, to see the details of the bonuses and to buy it.

Have a great networking day !



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