Networking on an event: your nametag

One of your networking tools on events is your nametag.

Here are some tips to make a better use of it:

  • Wear it on your right side. At most of the events I visit people wear the name tag on the left side. When shaking hands both people have to reach out to read the name of the other person, because their bodies are turned away from each other. When the name tag is on the right side, this is no problem.
  • It is OK to read the names of other people. But having a sneak peek doesn’t give a good impression. It’s not the reading of the name that causes an occasional negative reaction, it is the sneakiness. Personally I need to read the name to be able to remember it better. So I definitely and obviously look at the name tag while saying “Excuse me, I like to read your name tag so I can remember your name”. Notice my intention. I clearly say I want to remember them (and I really mean it!) Nobody ever gave me a strange look for doing this, because they felt it was my genuine intention. I suggest you follow my example, in deed and in intention!
  • Bring your own name tag. Though this is a tricky one. It has advantages and disadvantages. It is something that can help you when the organisation didn’t provide name tags. Because many people need name tags to remember names, you can help them to remember you by wearing your own name tag. But some people will perceive you as arrogant and a show-off when you are the only one wearing a name tag. So apply this tip wisely.

To your networking success !



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