Reach your goals by sharing them with your network

By sharing your goals, you will receive help from others to reach them. If people feel that you want to reach your goals and do the things you do with passion and live by your values, they will be very likely to help.

Remember the last time your little nephew told you about his favourite sport (let’s say tennis), with little sparks of energy in his eyes? He told you vividly about how he saw himself in fifteen years, as the new world number one, the new Pete Sampras, John McEnroe or Roger Federer? As a great champion at Wimbledon with people screaming his name and applauding him? And then he told you that in order to raise some more money to buy the necessary gear he was washing cars. So he could take his first step to his personal success. Did you ever consider for a second telling him that you just went to the car wash three days ago? If you’re like 98% of the human population on this earth you’ve already opened your purse and you’re happy to contribute to fulfilling his dream.

When I had set the goal of writing “Let’s Connect!” and told my network about it, they came up with suggestions for the content. They also offered to bring me in contact with publishers and to proofread the book. It felt great to have this support. The people from your network can do similar things for you. Just share your goals with them!

Have a great networking day !



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