Find your balance between quality and quantity

In my book “Let’s Connect!” ( I go deeper into the importance of quality and quantity of networking. Bottom line: quantity and quality are both important. So what should you do next? It’s a cliché, but my advice is:

Find your own balance between quality and quantity.

Also keep (most of) the business cards or electronic contact data of the people you meet. For me there are but a few exceptions to this rule. When people are rude, insincere or are just using me or other people, I’m not inclined to keep their data. I might, but only to remind myself never to do business with them or never to introduce or refer them to other people.

Networking success tip: never throw away a sincere person’s business card.

Remember that a person that is not “interesting” for you today might become very helpful towards your next goal. And besides, considering the small world principle, you never know who this person knows or how he could help somebody from your network.

Networking success tip: with modern technology it is rather easy to store all contact data. However keep the paper business cards as backup. And in case you have a rather visual memory, it also helps you to better remember the people you have met.

To your networking success !


PS: this is an excerpt from my networking book “Let’s Connect!” (


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