Network concept: t-shirts

A concept to help people to get each other to find common stuff in a faster and fun way is to use t-shirts.

I learned this concept from a post by Jesper Kjaergaard on Ecademy. So; thanks Jesper!

How does it work?

You hand out white t-shirts to the participants. Then you ask them to write words on it. These words can be hobbies, sports, business related topics or other interests.

Then you ask them to put on the t-shirt (use XXL so they can put the t-shirt over their clothes) and walk around. They can read each others’ words and discover the things they have in common. They mostly start slowly, but after a while it’s hard to stop them!

It’s great fun and it works, even in the more “stiff” environments. Try it on your next event !



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