Networking is an attitude

Many people that come to my networking training courses think I will tell them they have to go out to business events every night. Especially when it is an in-company training (most of the times this means that the participants didn’t have the choice to attend the course, management ordered them to).

So I was very glad that Erik Van Slembrouck, one of the participants of a training course I did for BMW, said in the evaluation: “I thought networking was attending events after working hours and selling your business. Now I know that by doing the same activities as I did before the training, but with a different mind set this can make a huge difference.”

The mind set he is referring to means: really listening to your contacts and asking how you can help them in their business or their life in general. It is about building relationships instead of superficial contacts.

And if you are in sales, also asking customers if they are really satisfied and always look and listen how you can improve their satisfaction by providing better service or referring them to others or getting them in touch with other companies that can solve other problems. If you do this instead of looking for the way to get their money and run, you will not only build a customer base, but also a never ending referral base.

So what is YOUR mind set today? 

Have a great networking day !


PS: if you think this post is not for you because you are not in sales, you might be wrong. Everybody is in sales. Your colleagues or other departments can be your (internal) customers.


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