Marketing material on a networking event?

Do you bring marketing material to networking events? This is a topic that has to be handled very carefully.

Normally it is not done to take brochures or other marketing material with you.

The reasons are that this looks too much like selling and that people don’t want to walk around with a bunch of papers.
A possible alternative is that you provide a small checklist or “tips from the expert”.

It is important that you don’t sell, but help people.

The size of this marketing material should ideally not exceed the size of the left inner pocket of a man’s suit. So he can put it away. Women normally carry a purse where they can store your material.

And only give it when it’s appropriate, meaning NOT at the beginning of a conversation.

Have a great networking day !


PS: this is an abstract from my networking book “Let’s Connect!” (go to and get your FREE light version of the book)


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