Networking Coach in the media

Last weeks I got some nice attention of the media in Belgium. The magazine Bizz made a series of articles about networking titled “double your network in 5 weeks” and the Belgian national television VRT invited me for an interview about networking in the program “De Zevende Dag“.

Why do I mention this? Of course it’s nice to get some publicity and I’m flattered and proud as well. But in the first place I want to share with you how this happened.

One of the principles of good networking is “give without expecting anything in return“. That’s what I did with the reporter of Bizz, Hans Hermans. I shared my knowledge with him and introduced him to many people that were interviewed as well for the networking series. So he got lots of input for his articles ànd people he could get more information from without having to spend much time looking for them.

Another universal and networking law is: if you can really give unconditionally, things will come back more than double. And that’s what happened with Bizz. Without telling me, they put me on the cover. It was a real surprise when I opened my mailbox and saw my own face smiling at me (look at the cover of Bizz to see what I experienced ;-)).

So my advice for this week is: share freely with your network. It WILL come back in one way or the other!

To your success !


PS: the issue of Bizz about networking is still available in the newspaper shops in Belgium (in Dutch and French).


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