Meeting inspiring people

In the post of last week I already gave an example of how networking works in other ways than to sell more.

Let me share with you a personal experience from a month ago.

In the beginning of June I flew to Los Angeles, together with 3 other Belgians, to attend Robert G. Allen’s Enlightened Wealth Retreat.

Because it’s a serious distance we had decided to book some extra days to enjoy the weather and to meet some people from the neighbourhoods of Los Angeles.

And that’s where the power of our networks kicked in. We all brought in our personal contacts and were able to meet some very inspiring people. Because the four of us don’t visit Los Angeles very often (and that’s still an understatement ;-)), each of us could only bring in one or two contacts, but together we managed to compose a nice agenda.

Among others we were honoured to visit:
– Chris and Josephine Gross of the Networking Times
Ivan Misner and his staff at the BNI HQ
Doug Wolfgram and a small group of local members of Ecademy
– A local BNI chapter
– the Agape spiritual community

And another nice networking effect is that we got a discount on our hotel rooms thanks to a contact in Belgium that works for the same hotel chain as the one we stayed with in LA.

When was the last time you joined forces with other people to meet inspiring people and/or the people who can help you to reach your professional or personal goals?

Have a great networking day !



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