Networking in the USA versus Europe

Many people ask me: is there a difference in how Americans and Europeans network?

I always found this a difficult question to answer, because of my rather limited experience with networking events in the USA. So when I was in the USA in June and July, I looked for ways to experience different networking initiatives.

Next to individual meetings and more informal gatherings, I attended several seminars, a networking referral breakfast meeting and a networking event of the Chamber of Commerce.

And my (of course biased) conclusion till now is that there are differences, also within the USA and Europe. For example cultural ones and formats of the events (where networking is more stimulated in one format than another).

Though these differences have an impact on how people experience a networking event and their contacts with other people, the biggest difference I found is in the attitude of the organisers and the attendants.

For example: the organisers of one event were so chaotic and self-focused that everybody got the tendency to get chaotic and self-focused. Needless to say that I didn’t like thàt event 😉

Bottom line this is my conclusion: when you approach other people with a “give and receive” attitude (looking for ways to help people without expecting anything in return), all differences fade away and become rather insignificant, whether you are from the USA, Europe or any other place in the world.

Have a great networking day !



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