10 steps to start with online networking (part 1)

Because many people ask me how to start with online networking, I will give you 10 steps for your online networking strategy. 5 in this post and another 5 in the post of next week.

Step 1: Choose 1 of more online networking websites. The ones I recommend at this moment in time are Ecademy, OpenBC and LinkedIn.

Step 2: Make a profile. Present yourself as a human being, not only your function within the organisation you work for. People tend to establish contact faster via common interests, hobbies, schools or sport than via professional activities.

Step 3: Connect with others. Read the profile of other people and note the things you have in common of that trigger you. And then send them a message about these things. Absolute don’ts: sending “sales messages” and unpersonal e-mails.

Step 4: Invite other people. If you are satisfied with the interactions on the websites you have chosen, invite your contacts who are not a member yet. In this way you will grow your network.

Step 5: Participate in forums/clubs. Focus first on the clubs that interest you in a professional or personal way. Express your thoughts and give constructive feedback. In this way people start to get to know you and the trust of others in you will increase.

Next week you receive steps 6 till 10.

Have a great networking day !



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