10 steps to start with online networking (part 2)

Last week I presented you with the first 5 steps to start networking online. Here are steps 6 till 10.

Step 6: Connect people with each other. One of the best network actions you can do, is connecting your contacts with each other. State clearly why you think they should get to know each other. In the short or the long run they will do the same for you.

Step 7: Start your own club/forum. If you want to go a step further and really want to be perceived as an expert in your field then you can start your own club or forum. Mention this in your profile and invite others to your club. Remember that you as a club leader have the responsibility to contribute on a regular basis and react on the messages from other people.

Step 8: Create an extra presence on the web. A profile on one or more networking websites will increase your visibility on the Internet. The reason is that these websites get lots of visitors and are ranked highly on the search engines. This will benefit you and your organisation as well. If you want to go a step further you can also start a blog like the one you are reading now (via Typepad, WordPress or Blogger for example) or start with a lens (on Squidoo). Visit my lens about networking to see an example.

Step 9: Keep your profile up to date. Modify your profile when something changed on a professional or personal level or if you recommend people, websites or books. This is a small effort for you, but you can help many others in this way. And they will remember it!

Step 10: Give and receive. Think about what you can offer people without expecting something in return and you will see that you will receive a multitude of what you gave. You can start with giving advice or tips in your field of expertise or react on messages of other people in forums and share your experience. In this way you build a good relationship with other members of your network. If they value your efforts, they will definitely help you and recommend you to others !

A few extra tips:
Take it easy. Building relationships costs time, also via the Internet. See to it that you can integrate online networking with your other daily activities.
– Don’t send unpersonal mass messages. So don’t use the standard invitation messages that these websites provide. Make your own welcome message and add a personal touch.
– And stay yourself !

Have a great networking day !



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