Be honest when you feel uncomfortable at an event

The last weeks this topic came up in several presentations and training courses that I gave and I even got some e-mails about it so let’s do a post on it.

Many people don’t feel comfortable when they go to a networking event. And especially when it’s a new situation: new organisation, first time they go there, don’t know any other people,…

What most people do in this situation is to pretend everything is OK, but inside they are “dying”. Unfortunately, on a subconscious level you radiate this feeling of insecurity. The result is that it remains difficult. And that’s a pity, especially because there is a very simple solution for that.

Tell other people that you don’t feel comfortable. And give the reason why.

Two things will happen:

  1. The level of the uncomfortable feeling will decrease from the moment you talk about it. It loses a great deal of the power it has over you.
  2. People will help you. They will tell you more about the event, making you more comfortable and introduce you to other people.

So the only thing to turn an event into a success, is just tell other people.

Have a  great networking day !



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