Networking at conferences

Yesterday, on Friday Nov 3, I was invited as one of the guest speakers at the TvZ Conference in Arnhem (the Netherlands). It was a conference for managers in the social non-profit sector (hospitals etc.)

In my presentation I asked the audience who was there for the speakers and who was there for the other participants.

80% responded they were there for the speakers and only 20% to network with the other attendants. A stunning result for me and I also told them that.

I also explained why. The speakers were people who could inspire them and give them new insights. A powerful, but unfortunately in many cases only a short term “solution”.

The other attendees however are people with the same problems and challenges. By getting to know them and starting to build a relationship with them there would be a long term source for sharing issues and finding solutions.

So my advice for you is: when you attend a conference, don’t set only learning goals but also be open to meet new people and reinforce your existing relationships !

Have a great networking day !



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