Think second degree

Many people have difficulties approaching other people at networking events because they don’t want to be pushy. They don’t want other people be pushy towards them, so they don’t like to be perceived as pushy themselves.

Another phenomenon is that at some networking events like Chamber of Commerce events in Belgium are primarily frequented by sales people. Often they are disappointed that they didn’t find new customers or at least prospects at the event.

And that’s because they were at the wrong place to find new customers. Those customers were not there.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t go to these events? No.

But you have to change your perspective and your expectations. Don’t expect to find prospects, but expect to find potential referrers and people who can help you (and who can be helped by you).

Instead of going for the direct business with people you meet at an event, make some time to get to know each other and look for ways how you can help each other to reach each other’s network (the second degree).

You won’t only have more opportunities, but also a different approach: it’s not about selling and buying (and being pushy) anymore, but about helping each other.

I invite you to focus on this approach the next event. Do it and be surprised of the results !

Have a great networking day !



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