Don’t be a celebrity stalker

A caution about the post of last week concerning approaching speakers: don’t be a “celebrity stalker”. If she has no time for you, don’t push it. There are still other people in the room that are also interesting.

Another variant of “celebrity stalking” is focusing on Mr. Big Shot that is in the room. Chances are that he is difficult to approach. And chances are even higher that you are not the only one wanting to talk to him. If you are so focused on this one person, you might miss other interesting contacts. And if you are talking to them, but constantly looking over their shoulder to see if Mr. Big Shot has ended his conversation, you might jeopardize your existing relationships. How would you feel if somebody did this to you?

“OK” you might say. “But I really want to talk to Mr. Big Shot. What do I do?”

The answer is quite simple: have yourself introduced. Via a common contact. Or via the organiser of the event. Make clear to the person who is going to introduce you what you have to offer to this person and what you would like to get.
Especially when a “celebrity” or “Big Shot” is involved, people are very protective about their contacts. The only way to “have them open the gate” is to show them that it is beneficial for the “celebrity” (and preferably also for the one who is going to introduce you).

Have a great next (networking) event !



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