Let’s connect at an event: Spotme

A few weeks ago the Creativity World Forum was held in Gent, Belgium.

At this event the Spotme device was used. This is an electronic handheld device that supports networking.

Since I already heard a few years ago about Spotme, but haven’t had the opportunity to see it in action, this was the perfect moment.

It would take me too far to explain all the functionalities of Spotme (if you want to know more, visit www.Spotme.com), but there are a few nice features I want to share with you.

1) You can see who is also on the event. The whole attendance list can be consulted via your handheld device together with the picture of this person (pictures are taken when you register at the event)

2) You can invite people to have a one-on-one meeting with you via the device.

3) You can be alerted when one of the people you want to meet is in a 10 meter radius around you.

4) You can electronically exchange your contact details via the device. So you don’t need to input the business cards you gathered. Especially when you were on a conference where you met 80 people in a few days, this can be a huge timesaver !

5) After the event you receive an e-mail with the V-cards (electronic business cards) of all the people you met at the event. This is also a huge opportunity for the organiser to start the follow up and build the relationship with the attendants.

Spotme also comes with real-time surveys, real-time voting, broadcast messages from the organisation and other interesting features.

If you are an event organiser this is certainly a tool you have to consider to increase the networking between the attendants !

Have a great networking day !



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