How to increase the chances to be found on the Internet?

A part of networking is about being found when someone is looking for you or your expertise. Especially when you are a small business owner, freelancer or sales professional.

How can you increase the chances that you are indeed being found when someone uses a search engine like Google or MSN?

By having a profile on one or more networking websites !

One of the side effects of having a profile on one or more online networking websites is that it helps to increase the search engine rankings of your websites.

How does this happen and what do you have to do for it?

First, let me explain a little bit about the results in the ranking of search engines.

The rankings are influenced by many things, but amongst the most important are the references by other websites.

Of course you can exchange links with people and organisations you know (and you should do this as well!), but the problem is that most of them have a low “page rank”.

“Page rank” is a term by Google that indicates how popular your website is. This “page rank” is influenced by the amount of visitors you get on your website, but also by the amount of links from other websites. And more importantly by the page rank of those other websites.

Because online networking websites like LinkedIn, Ecademy, OpenBC/Xing and Ryze have thousands of visitors per day, they have a high page rank.

By mentioning the URL’s of your websites in your profile on these online networking websites you get a link from websites with a high page rank to your websites. And this increases the page rank of your website, which increases in turn your visibility on the Internet and hence the chance that someone finds you.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make your online profile and mention your websites !

Good luck !



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