Use Google Alerts to keep yourself up to date

Two weeks ago I mentioned that having an on-line profile and links to other websites is a good way to boost your visibility.

So it makes it easier for people to find you (by name) or someone with your expertise.

One of the networking actions you can take to boost this even more and at the same time be of help to your network is to exchange links.
By exchanging links I mean mentioning the website(s) of the people and organisations from your network on your website and asking them to do the same for you.

Another action you can take is write articles on your own website and/or for other websites or share your expertise in a blog like this.

After a while you will notice that people will refer more and more to your websites and the articles and blog posts you wrote.

But how can you keep up with this? How will you know that someone referred to you, your article or your website?

Two of the tools that can help you are provided by Google.

1) The search command “” in the search bar of Google will list the websites that contain a hyperlink to

2) Google Alerts is a service that notifies you when there is a new occurence of your name, the title of your article or whatever words you want to look for.
You can activate this for yourself via:

To your success !



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