Don’t use lanyards at your events

It is the time of the year for business receptions and other functions.

If you organise one yourself, please refrain from going with the trend to use lanyards for the name tags of the participants.
(Lanyards are the long cords that people first used to hang around their neck with their keys attached to it)


These are the reasons:

1) The name tag hangs around people’s belly button (or lower!). This makes it hard to read because it is further away from our eyes.
2) Some people are also embarrassed to look at another person’s belly or lower parts of the body. So they don’t look. This handicaps many people who need to read the name in order to remember it better.
3) Older people might be resistant to wear them especially when they come in flashy or fluo colours.
4) Murphy’s Law number 342: “the name tag will always turn with the name towards your belly“. So people can’t read your name and you can’t read the other person’s name. (So what’s the use of using those things anyway? ;-))

So please use “old-fashioned” name tags instead of the lanyards. And don’t overdo it. I understand that sponsors want some visibility in return for their money. But give them this visibility in other ways than putting their logo in large on the name tags.

My advice is to only mention the name and organisation of the participant on the name tag. So you can make the characters big enough that everybody can read them, even people who need glasses.

The goal still has to be that the name tags makes it easier for people to connect and not the other way around, right?

To your networking success !



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