Second business card

I mentioned in a previous post that sharing your “50 words” with other people on the back of your business card might give you the opportunity to connect with them on another level. (I first saw the 50 word concept on the online business network Ecademy)

This is also something I tell in my networking training courses. But especially when it’s a training course for a large company (but also in open courses) participants respond that this is a very nice idea, but that this won’t work for them. The reason is that there are very strict rules regarding company image.

If you are in that situation, you might consider having a second business card that only mentions your 50 words (or whatever you want to share with people).
And this doesn’t have to cost you any money. The website offers free business cards !

“What’s the catch?” you might ask. “Nothing is for free in this world”. And you are right. On the back of the free business cards you find the text “For free business cards go to” So don’t use this as your official and only business card. This is not good for your image. For a small extra fee you can have your own text on the back of the card.

Another reason for Vistaprint to do this is to get more visibility for their company and their other products that you have to pay for (which is in my opinion a nice idea, think about how you can do something similar for your organisation).

So don’t use a free business card as your official business card, but for your 50 words such a free business card is a nice solution !

To your networking success !



One Response to Second business card

  1. tom wambeke says:

    Or wat about 100 different images on 100 same business cards. I discovered the idea on the Web2.0 offline component of Flickr and Skype on the following website

    Best regards,
    Tom Wambeke

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