Is luck a coincidence or can it be created?

When you read management and personal development literature you find with many authors like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley and Jim Rohn a definition of “luck”.

Their definition: luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

They stress the importance of being prepared: define your goals, improve yourself, learn continuously,…
So when you meet the right person or right “deal” you can grab the opportunity.

That’s how they see it. And I agree with them.
But I also want to add something: when you build your network and keep in touch with it, opportunities will arise in an on-going pace.

So you don’t have to wait years for that one opportunity to come by.

When I started networking with a raised awareness and more pro-actively, I encountered so many interesting people with so many interesting projects, organisations and ideas, that I now already know I won’t have enough time to do something with them in this lifetime.

Abundance is everywhere. Many people don’t see this because they are not exposed to other people’s ideas and other people’s ability to bring you in contact with the right people to realise your project.

Opportunities are here. For you, for me, for anyone. Be prepared, know what you want, share your goals with your network, ask for the help you need and build relationships with a give and receive attitude (link naar post) and as a result you will see opportunities everywhere.

So you really can create your own luck !

To your networking success !



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