Networking and sponsorships

Many organisations sponsor sports or cultural events in order to maintain their business relationships.

For example in Belgium many organisations have business seats for soccer games.
The problem is that for many games they have lots of difficulties to get enough people interested to fill all the seats they have.

The reason is that the same people are invited by many organisations for the same soccer game. And by other organisations for other events. Next to that the people who are invited are most of the time very busy people who want to spend some quality time with their family as well.

So why would they accept the invitation of a particular organisation, thus preferring it over the other organisations and their family?

This is a question that many organisations don’t think about.

The solution is rather simple: make sure they encounter at that event people they are interested in.

This can start very easy: as a host you can introduce guests to each other. Connect them with each other. Give them also a topic to talk about. If you see business opportunities for them by working together, mention it. They might not have seen this themselves.

I know this is a very simple solution, but I almost never see it applied in practice. What I DO see is people from the same company (most of the time the hosts) talk to each other. This is a waste of time and money.

Be a good host and introduce and connect people. Do this very consequently the next event and you will immediately experience what a difference it can make.

Have a great networking day !



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