A small world in Malibu

Two weeks ago I was in California. One of the reasons was to meet some people who could help me with the launch of my networking book “Let’s Connect!” in the USA. Another reason was to reconnect with other friends.

So I was very glad that my friend Marie Diamond (the Feng Shui master from the Secret, see also www.mariediamond.com) invited us to stay at her place in Malibu. It is always nice to spend the evening and night in someone’s home instead of a hotel. And especially if it is with someone who is inspiring as Marie.

One of the regrets I had when planning the trip is that I couldn’t spend time with Chris and Josephine Gross from Networking Times. I met them last year when I was in the LA area. They are not only interesting business partners (check out the website www.networkingtimes.com to see why), but also very warm and nice people.

Now, thanks to Marie’s good networking skills there was a nice surprise: Chris and Josephine were invited to have breakfast with us. We had a great time. Again a nice example of how small the world is. And I’m also very curious which seeds that were sown during this encounter will come into fruition.

To be continued 🙂



One Response to A small world in Malibu

  1. spencervlog says:


    How are you?

    Funny… Just today I was in a meeting and was told about the Networking Times. I hear good things. And, I just has the please of working with Marie Diamond in my new movie called The Compass. She did so well.
    Have you heard of it yet? http://www.thecompass.tv

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