What is important in an Elevator Story?

After the blog post of last week about the difference between an Elevator Story and an Elevator Pitch, I got some questions about it.

Here are some tips for when you have to create your Elevator Story.

There is more than one Elevator Story. It depends on the context. But you can prepare yourself by thinking about the different “ingredients” you can use. And then use the ingredients that are suited for that conversation.

How do you know which ingredients to use? LISTEN FIRST! Be interested in the other person and he will automatically guide you in the direction of the right “ingredients” to use.

Focus on what is different, special and unique about you, your organisation or your products or services. Don’t talk about being better or worse, but tell what makes you other than others.

– If you are a sales person and talk about the kind of customers you have, never use the word “you”. You are not doing an Elevator Pitch, but telling an Elevator Story. When people feel that you are trying to sell something to them, they might not listen to you anymore. If you don’t use the word “you”, they will be more open and chances are much bigger that they will tell your Elevator Story to their network. And that’s where the real power of networking is.

So tell a good Elevator Story and create ambassadors for you, your organisation or your products or services !

To your success !



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