Why word-of-mouth publicity fails for most organisations

Many people tell me: “Jan, our organisation has good products and we deliver excellent service and still we only get a referral or introduction once in a while. Word-of-mouth publicity doesn’t work for us. What can we do about it?”

In fact the answer to this question is very simple. Ask for it !

Most people are nowadays so busy that they don’t think about introducing or referring people. Just consider your own situation: how many people did you introduce or refer to someone else in the last month?

But we are all willing to do it almost right away when someone who delivered really good service or sold us a really good product.

So: just ask your current customers for an introduction or referral. Word-of-mouth doesn’t really fail, it just has to be triggered from time to time.

This tip doesn’t apply only to sales, but also to suppliers, partnerships, new employees or information of any kind. Just ask and see what happens !

Have a great networking day !



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