Why word-of-mouth publicity fails for most organisations part two

In my post of two weeks ago, I explained why word-of-mouth publicity doesn’t work for most organisations. In that post I focused on the situation where current customers didn’t give introductions or referrals.

There is also another situation: between people who are member of a professional trade or network organisation.

Many times I hear people say: “I just heard that they bought a similar product as ours with another company while we already know each other for so long.”

The problem in this case is that the other person probably doesn’t really know you. How many people do you have in your network that you only know vaguely? Many people don’t talk about each other’s business anymore after they have met for more than three times. They think they know what the company of the other person has to offer. Or worse, they don’t know, but are afraid to ask, because after three times they feel they are supposed to know what the other person offers or wants.

That’s why it is very important to think about your Elevator Stories and to help other people to tell their Elevator Story to you.

Read some previous posts about the Elevator Story to get started:
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To your success !



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