Follow up on an introduction

If you are networking with the right attitude, you will receive introductions and referrals from people from your network.

Now it is up to you to do something with them.

It seems like quite obvious advice, but in reality I see other behaviour !

There are always two actions to take:
1) contact the person who you are introduced to
2) give feedback to the person who did the introduction

Most people fail to do the second one. And that is a pity. It not only gives you the opportunity to have an extra contact moment with this person, but also to develop a better relationship with a potential unlimited resource of introductions and referrals in the future !

Some people also fail to do the first action. And that is a real pity. People offer you their help and you don’t do anything with it. That wouldn’t encourage them to do this a second time for you !

One of the reasons people don’t contact the person they are introduced to, is that it is not the right person or profile. If that is the case, contact the introducer and explain him why this is not a good introduction. In this way (s)he can think of other people.
To your success !



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