Difference between an introduction and a referral

Many people don’t know the difference between an introduction and a recommendation.

This is the reason that so many useful connections are not made !

When someone is looking for help in any way, we tend to only connect them with people we know very well. People who have a personal experience with and who we can recommend. In practice this means that we only do this for a few people. We meet a lot of people during our life, but only with a few of them we have a personal experience.

The reason that we only think of the people we can recommend out of our personal experience is that we don’t want “a connection to blow up in our face”. If the person we introduced, did a bad job, we feel that we are personally responsible and we don’t want to take that risk.

You don’t have to take any risk if you communicate it in the right way !

Instead of recommending someone, you could tell: “I met Simon a week ago and talked 5 minutes with him. He might have a solution for your problem.” By communicating that you only met briefly the other person knows you don’t have a personal experience and that you can’t recommend Simon to him. You haven’t had the time to do a “quality control”. But what you DID do, is showing that you want to help him out by offering him a potential solution. He will remember that and chances are high that he will also try to help you out the moment you need help.
Have a great networking day !



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