Difference between quality and quantity: the importance of quality

What is better in networking: quality or quantity? 

Most people respond: quality !

Let me ask you a question: what is quality? How do you define it?

Many people perceive people with a high position in a large and well known company as “high quality”. Let’s call such a person Ms. Big Shot. And they do everything they can to come into contact with her when they see her at an event. But when they get a few minutes of this person’s attention they don’t know what to say and focus on exchanging business cards. Afterwards they send e-mails and start calling Ms. Big Shot, only to be blocked by her secretary. And then they are disappointed in Ms. Big Shot, the event where they attended and in networking in general.

Do you recognise this situation? From your own experience or from someone you know? Then it might be a good idea to look differently at “quality”.

For me “quality” can only be measured when compared to your goals. A person is of “high quality” if she (or her network) can help you to reach your goals better and faster. Ms. Big Shot could be high quality, but she is also very busy. So it might be a good idea to look for other people of equal quality that are easier to approach and who have more time for you. 

So quality is definitely important in networking. But so is quantity. Why? Read it in the blog of next week !

Have a great networking day !



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