Difference between quality and quantity: the importance of quantity

There are 4 major reasons why quantity is also important, next to quality (see post of last week).

1) More opportunities

A higher quantity of contacts gives you more opportunities to find the “high quality” people. But again, this means that you have to know your goals.

Having more opportunities also means that you have to rely less on luck or coincidence for things to happen in your life. Lots of contacts combined with knowing your goals will have you experience more synchronicity in your life too!
2) Your goals change over time

As your goals change over time, the “quality” of people changes too. Somebody who was of “low quality” a year ago could be number one today. Also the opposite is true. So this is another reason why everybody is important.

For example: a former product manager of a large telecom company told me that he was never interested in meeting accountants and lawyers at events of the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, he ran away from them. But at the moment he started his own company, he regretted the fact that he didn’t have any connections in those two fields.

3) Value for your network

Somebody might be of “low quality” for you, but of “high quality” for someone from your network. A good networking action is connecting people. By connecting them, you strengthen your relationship with both of them. This creates goodwill. They will both be more motivated to help you to find the “high quality” people you are looking for.

In fact connecting people is one of the best networking actions you can do. It is free and you help two people at once. You will be remembered as a great help and as a consequence the chances increase that they will remember you when there is an opportunity in your field.

4) Diversity creates a larger safety net when circumstances change

We all have the tendency to stick around people who have the same interests, the same background, the same education and other similar things. Wayne Baker calls this the “similarity principle”. In his book “Networking Smart” you find many examples of this principle. Sometimes this tendency to stick around with the same people is good, sometimes it is a disadvantage. For example, when you are looking for a new job, it is better to have a large and diversified network. Your small core group will limit you to the same sources of information or job opportunities.
Conclusion: both quality and quantity are important. Find your own balance between them !
Have a great networking day !


2 Responses to Difference between quality and quantity: the importance of quantity

  1. Eeckhout says:

    Indeed Jan this is a nice opinion of quality and quantity matters.

    I surely agree that when you are in a certain position you can never rely on luck or coïncidence but you have to work hard to reach the goals of other highly qualified persons and also your own goals so that all the systems can work together smootly.

    Therefore you have to build up a network of people that you can trust and where you can agree on a gentlemens – womans agreement otherwise the overall quality could slow down the whole system and that’s a nightmare for every zaakvoerder -zaakvoerster , but don’t worry I don’t have nightmares :-)

    Also the quantity and quality of your people that you have in your organisation could be a problem to reach the quality that you want…
    but for everything there is a solution …

    so now we have a mix of opinions ;-)

    Bye bye


  2. Whanted good informations.

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