Evaluate your memberships

Of how many organisations are you member?

And how often do you attend one of the events of these organisations?

Many people have memberships cards or pay their membership fees, but are not really a member.
It is good to re-evaluate your memberships from time to time.

These are some questions you can ask yourself:
– Why am I member?
– What is my goal?
– Who do I like to meet?
– What do I want to learn?
– What have I done so far to contribute to this organisation? If nothing, what holds me back?
– What have I done to build relationships with the other members of this organisation at the events and outside the events?
– If I have to compare membership of organisation A to membership of organisation B, which one do I prefer and why?
– Are there other organisations which can bring me the same value or through which I can reach my goals as well (or better)?

Ask yourself these questions and you will be in a better position to:
– choose which memberships to keep and which to end
– attend the events you do go to with an increased awareness which will lead to better results

To your success !



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