Start your own network group

Sometimes people tell me they don’t find the network groups that are right for them.

A first advice I give them is to define more clearly what they are looking for in a networking group and then tell their network about it. You will be surprised how many organisations exist and how good your network can help you by finding them !

A second advice is to start your own networking group. This can be very simple with very nice results !

One of the people at a networking training course for Delta Lloyd Bank shared his story with the group. He started a group called “De Vlaamse Vrijdags Vrienden”. The concept was very simple:
– Every last Friday of the month they have lunch together
– Everybody pays for his own lunch
– If you come, you have to bring one person who doesn’t belong to the group yet
– You can only participate if you are invited by someone who was invited a previous time

They started the group with 3 people. After 15 months they had a group of 140 participants !

What about you? What are you waiting for to start your own group?
Have a great networking day !



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