Goals at conferences

A few weeks ago I flew to the USA to attend the NSA (National Speakers Association) convention in San Diego, speak in Las Vegas and have some vacation.

When attending a convention it is always good to set goals. I always set three kind of goals for myself when attending a convention:
1. Learning goal (content): what are my global learning attention points of this year and which sessions can contribute to achieving them?
2. Networking goal: who do I want to meet? Which specific people or which specific profiles? I make a “must see” list and a “like to see” list.
3. Speaking goal (performance): I always look not only for content, but also how the speaker brings it. Which tools does (s)he use, which interaction with the audience, how does (s)he start and finish?

What were my specific goals at the NSA convention?

1. Content: revenue models and other ways of teaching and getting results. The result are some new e-courses that will be launched later this year. These will be available for participants to training courses and presentations as well as for visitors of the website.
2. Networking: on my “must see” list were some of my networking expert colleagues who I already knew. I also had as a goal to meet 3 other networking experts and ask them to contribute to my newsletter. Both of the goals were attained. You will see the result in the next newsletters (you sign up for them at no cost). I also met some of the people on my “nice to see” list, but that story has to wait till next week.
3. Performance: people tell me that this is a goal that is only applicable when you are a public speaker like me. But that’s not true. Almost everyone of us has to give a presentation once in a while. Everybody can learn some very useful tips by watching speakers.

Think about your goals at events and conferences.

Most people don’t set goals, but the ones who do, get 10 times more out of their investment in money and time !

Have a great networking day !



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