Tips to start a Master Mind Group

I have received many reactions to the article about Master Mind groups.

To be clear: I have started one myself, but we are not in the Master Mind group business. Starting groups for other people is not what we do. We do many things about networking (key note speeches and training courses about networking and referrals, consulting how to integrate networking in your sales and recruitment strategy, a book and a CD), but not starting groups.

It is easy to do yourself.

The most important thing to think about is to know which goal your Master Mind group has and which profiles fit best in such a group. If you only know two or three people with that profile, that’s not a problem. Why not? You have a network to help you.

Ask the people you want to invite if they know other people with the same profile who could be interested in joining. And share this also with your network !

I have made a small document with some extra tips about Master Mind groups. It was featured in last month’s newsletter (if you also want to receive this free newsletter, you can subscribe via

Download the article “How a Master Mind Group can lead to unexpected results” via this link:

Have a great master mind group !



One Response to Tips to start a Master Mind Group

  1. […] strongly recommend sharing the answers to both questions with other people (for example: your own Master Mind group). This will give you more ideas yourself and you will also get ideas and help from […]

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