One of the advantages of being a public speaker is that I am invited to several interesting locations.

A week ago Chronos International hired me to give a three hour networking workshop for their customers and candidates in the Claridge in Brussels.

The reason they did this was that after my workshop there was a Notworking party where the participants of the workshop could participate in. This Notworking party is a kind of after-work party in three parts:
– Networking: 19.00-21.00 (making new business contacts and maintaining existing relationships)
– Notworking: 21.00-23.00 (relaxing)
– Niteworking: 23.00-03.00 (dancing and party)

The interesting thing about this concept is that there is a tool that participants can use before and during the event to get in touch with each other. This tool is a simple, but effective networking platform (comparable to LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing or Ryze) that is focused on connecting people on the venue itself.

There are PC’s on the spot so you can use the tool to connect with other members who are also present. And you can see who is linked to whom, so it becomes very easy to ask to be introduced by someone you know to another participant. This allows the members to network very effectively and efficiently !

If you work or live in Brussels, be sure to check out one of their notworking events. You can already start to read more at the website of Notworking.

Quentin Pirlot, the co-founder of Notworking, told me that their focus was on bringing people in larger cities together and that they developed the software tool to facilitate the networking, being unaware of the existence of many online business networks. The real differentiator is that the notworking concept is about bringing people from a big city together and not creating a worldwide business community.

The concept has already raised interest from people who want to start with the Notworking concept in Luxemburg and Geneve. I think many other cities will follow because it is a very strong concept !

Have a great networking day !



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