Launch US version of Let’s Connect on October 9

I’m very excited about the launch of the US version of my network book Let’s Connect on Amazon on Tuesday October 9.

As a foreigner it is not always that easy to get noticed by the US bookstores. That’s why we do an Amazon launch on October 9.

As a reader of this blog there are several ways to help Let’s Connect get into the Amazon top 10:

  • Buy the book yourself on October 9 via this link. I know that I ask for a financial effort from your side. I want to “compensate” this by offering lots of bonus material together with more than 30 other organisations. Visit for a description of the book and all the bonus material:
  • Send an e-mail to your contacts and ask them to work with us and buy the book on October 9. Of course they are also entitled to all the bonus material. Important is that the bonus material is only available on October 9!
  • Write a “testimonial” on Amazon or LinkedIn about the book or me.

Many thanks in advance to help getting Let’s Connect in the Amazon top 10.

On October 9 I will give an hourly update of the ranking, here on this blog.

Have a great networking day !



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