Do you use testimonials, even when you’re not in sales?

Do you have any written testimonials?

This might seem a strange question to some of the readers of this blog. Especially when they are not in sales or don’t own their own company.

Doing business involves building trust, whether you are in a customer-supplier relationship or employer-employee relationship.

This trust building process can be accelerated by having testimonials of other people who had a good experience with you in the past.

That’s why it’s important to ask customers for these testimonials and once you have them use them in your marketing material.
This means: on your website, in your brochure and if you visit customers face-to-face also in your presentation folder.

But also if you are not in sales or don’t have your own company, remains the question: do you keep the “testimonials” you get?
In this case the testimonial could be a written note, postcard, letter or e-mail from your boss, colleague, customer or someone from a company that has a partnership with your company.

Not only you can use these for your next job interview, but they can also be very uplifting to read if you have a bad day !
Have a great networking day !



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