Share your goals

Last Wednesday I gave an introduction session networking in Ghent, Belgium.

During such a session I always do a small exercise about writing down a goal and then look for the people in the best position to help you reach that goal.

It is such an easy exercise, but every time I see people be delighted about new opportunities or new ways to reach their goals.

This effect most of the time even increases when I ask them to share their goal and the people they are thinking of with one or more participants. It is always amazing what new ideas and even specific names they get from each other !

The good news is that you don’t have to follow a workshop or training course with us. You can do it yourself.

Just ask yourself these two questions:
– What is a goal that I want to achieve (make it specific enough !!!)
– Who are the people in the best position to help me reach that goal

I strongly recommend sharing the answers to both questions with other people (for example: your own Master Mind group). This will give you more ideas yourself and you will also get ideas and help from them.

When doing this exercise, remember that you never know who they know, so abandon the thought “they will never able to help me”. You will be surprised !

Have a great networking day !



One Response to Share your goals

  1. Very good stuff!

    I like to think of it as Robert Kiyosaki says…”Start from your dreams and work backwards.”

    You need to know where you want to go, before you can know how to get there…

    See the goal, figure out how to get there, then take action!

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