Hard is soft and soft is hard

My last post was about Tom Peters’ speech in Antwerp two weeks ago.

Also this one is inspired by something he said: “hard is soft and soft is hard”.

He meant that the so-called “hard stuff” in organisations like plans and numbers is in fact soft. And that the so-called “soft stuff” like people, customers, values and relationships is the real “hard stuff”.

I agree with him. Business is done between people, not between numbers. The real capital in an organisation are the people who work within an organisation. The better they are in their respective fields, the better the other assets will be leveraged to make fantastic, inspired and profitable products and services.

And this will be even more true if the right people interact with the right people. And that’s where our network comes in. Your network can and will help you to connect with the people who are right for you on the right moment if you are willing to do the same for them.

So think about these questions for a minute:
– what do you want to achieve (or which goals you have to reach according to your boss)?
– who are the right people?
– who can help you reach those people?
– are you willing to also help the people you are going to ask to help you?

Have a great networking day !



One Response to Hard is soft and soft is hard

  1. I completely agree, Jan.

    Funny, but it was the same slide/quote which inspired me, more than everything else in Tom Peeters’ speech. I shared it with a lot of contacts the days after.

    Good blogpost, thanks.


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