Return on Investment in Relationships

Today I present you with another post inspired by Tom Peters.

He talked about ROIR: Return on Investment in Relationships.

Almost everything we accomplish in life is by interacting with other people: a new job, a customer, a supplier, a partnership, a project and also friends, a life partner and family.

This is rather obvious, but do we always remember how we got the opportunity to meet those people? Many times someone else helped us to reach the people who were at that time in the best position to help us with that specific question or goal.

Many times we just go forward, without looking back and acknowledging the people who helped us. Not because we don’t want to do that or we don’t appreciate it, but because we are so excited about the new found solution.

But if you do look back and do thank people for their help, you will experience that investments in relationships can generate a BIG return. And without having to spend much time or effort.

How many people have you genuinely and from the heart thanked lately? It’s not too late. Do it. Now.

To your success and happiness !



One Response to Return on Investment in Relationships

  1. I love this post.

    It goes to show you the people crave to be appreciated, noticed and respected!

    What a great reminder this post is!

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