Do people know, like and trust you?

“All things being equal, people will do business with — and refer business to— those people they know, like and trust.”

This is a quote from Bob Burg, who by the way wrote an excellent book “Endless Referrals“.

What it means in practice that first organisations need to have a good product or service.

But in today’s world that’s most of the times not enough to have a thriving business. People have to know what we do AND believe in us.

To have people believe in us, there are three ingredients according to Bob Burg: people have to know, like and trust you.

In our referral training courses we go much deeper into detail, but these are already a few tips:
Know: you have to get out to events or be active on online networks and have your Sticky Story© (=Elevator Story) ready when people ask for it.
Like: when you meet people: focus on them. Give them your full attention first and listen to them. This is not only necessary for people to like you, but also to them opening up to listen to your Sticky Story©. So don’t tell about yourself too much unless somebody asks you to do that.
Trust: people will trust you more when they notice you care more about others than about yourself. There is a saying “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” So again focus on them and see how you or someone from your network can help them.

So think about those three elements for a minute and decide in which domain you can still improve. And then do it.

To your success !



One Response to Do people know, like and trust you?

  1. […] For most situations I agree with David and Neal that the sales role is better not split. Also from personal experience as a business owner who is responsible for both sales and choosing suppliers I have experienced that I get more referrals when I have a better personal relationship with that customer and that I’m also more inclined to make introductions for suppliers I have a better relationship with. It is about knowing, liking and trusting (see the post “Do people know, like and trust you?” ) […]

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