Are you creating the circumstances?

Last week I was one of the speakers at JCI (Junior Chamber International) Flanders Business & Networking Day.

The theme was networking and sports. It was a great event with many interesting people from the business world, sports and politics in the debates (for the full program overview: see

I took many notes, but the top two remarks came from the same man: Frans Schotte, CEO of Standaard Boekhandel and chairman of Soccer association Cercle Brugge.

His first reply  was about the importance of playing in first division for sponsorships and have “quality” networking between sponsors and guests.

He told the audience that they had some of the best networking moments when the team played in second division and when they invited a targeted group of school principals.

I agree with him: it doesn’t matter what you organise, if you bring the right people together it is always a success.

His second remark was: a very important aspect of networking is to create the circumstances for others to meet each other.

I couldn’t agree more: bringing people together, whether it is on an event, a lunch or via e-mail is the best network action you can take.

So, who are you going to bring together this week?



One Response to Are you creating the circumstances?

  1. Jan,

    “Bringing people together, whether it is on an event, a lunch or via e-mail is the best network action you can take.”

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